Documents To Go v 2.003.605 for android

New Features:

  • New on-screen zoom controls
  • Better zooming support (no repagination)
  • Better landscape/portrait support (no repagination)
  • Portuguese & Japanese localization (in addition to English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Brazillian-Portuguese, Simplified & Traditional Chinese)
  • New ‘Find’ functionality in all apps
  • ‘What’s new?’ dialog on first launch of application

Bug Fixes:

  • General:
    • Fixed: “” error when opening particular file
    • Fixed: Certain dialog sizes are too large on low resolution devices
    • Fixed: Overhaul of main launcher dialog (no more overlapping or resizing problems)
    • Fixed: ‘Loading’ display cut off on low resolution devices
    • Fixed: Recently Used file list is difficult to touch/select
    • Fixed: Crash when switching portrait to landscape with virtual keyboard displaying
    • Fixed: ‘About’ dialog text unreadable on low resolution devices
    • Fixed: Application menu options are inconsistent
    • Fixed: Problem renaming a bookmark using a name that already exists
    • Fixed: Documents To Go “Live folder” crashes when trying to rename folder
    • Fixed: Error message during registration not localized
    • Fixed: Button incorrectly labeled as “Done” during first-use wizard
    • Fixed: Cursor size too large when creating Office 2007 files
  • Word To Go:
    • Fixed: Particular graphic causes crashes Word To Go when trying to launch in graphic viewer
    • Fixed: “ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException” error when opening certain Word files
    • Fixed: Incorrect behavior if mounting device via USB while viewing image in Word file
    • Fixed: Freeze if screen turns off while orientation is switching
    • Fixed: Background shading does not work correctly in Word 97-2003 format
  • Sheet To Go:
    • Fixed: Remove carriage returns in Excel files that include soft returns
    • Fixed: Better support for non-touch Android devices
    • Fixed: “Replace All” does not work correctly
  • Slideshow To Go:
    • Fixed: Crash when tapping on screen during the loading of a PowerPoint file
    • Fixed: On-screen keyboard does not appear when selecting “Edit Slide Text” menu option
    • Fixed: Force close when mounting SD card in Slideshow To Go viewer
  • PDF To Go:
    • Fixed: PDF To Go shows generic Documents To Go icon in list of running apps


Documents To Go Key:

Bài này đã được đăng trong Apps Android và được gắn thẻ . Đánh dấu đường dẫn tĩnh.

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